The Only Virtual Number Valid for Banking & PayPal.

What is it:

A virtual mobile telephone number. 
Your 2ndnumber is a new, fully mobile telephone number you use to receive SMS or text messages.
Forward to another mobile.

All text message forwarded to your current mobile phone. 

How it works:


Sign up and receive a new SMS Forwarding number 
(Provided by


Someone sends an SMS or text message to your new SMS Forwarding 2ndNumber.

Jan 2019!
U$15 per month
Forward SMSs and text messages to your cellphone.
Up to 100 messages / month
10 cents / message after 100
Email-based support
Account Verification in 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this affect my  mobile phone number and service plan? 

Your existing mobile number, and all text and SMS messages sent and received from it, remain the same. The 2ndNumber is separate. The only impact to your existing number is if you choose to forward your SMS Forwarding number to your existing cellphone's number.  (Not yet available.)

2. How will the SMS  and text messages look?  

They will show up a text message from your virtual number on your existing mobile phone. 

5. Will this cost me any extra? 

If you use more than 100 message per month, each my cell costs U$0.10 per message. A message is an SMS or text.

3.Are my SMS or text messages secure? 

They are as secure as any other SMS or text messages, We do not store a copy of your messages.  

Do you:

- Travel away from home

- Change SIM cards 

- Carry two phones


The SMS message is fowarded to the cellphone number you supply on sign up. 

Receive bank and PayPal verification messages.

Not all virtual numbers work with banks and PayPal. Our numbers have been tested and guaranteed to work.  

Receive a 2ndNumber in the US. 

All SMS and text messages sent to this number are forwarded to cellphone number you provide.

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U$15 Per Month 

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4. Is there a free trial?

No. However if you find the service unsatisfactory we will refund your money. 

*only for US banks.   .